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Webstie Re-design
Want to redesign your web site?
You may already have a web site that is not performing as you originally intended. Is your web site meeting all of your needs, drawing all of the traffic you'd like, and generating regular business?

Akkhor SoftwareAsk these questions to you
Is there any of my competitor's web sites more professional looking or more effective than mine?
Does it look outdated?
Is this [present web site] failing to take full advantage of the power of Internet?
Are you disappointed about my web site, frustrated that you have spent money to get something but aren't happy with it, and now hesitant to trust someone else to redesign your web site?
If your answer is "YES", then Akkhor Software is here to help.
Akkhor SoftwareSteps that we take for your Web Site Redesign
Website analysis
Website upgrading consultation
Re-design completed.
Sometimes a simple tweaking of your website can mean excellent results. Often simply adding few new graphics and editing the text is all that's needed to breathe new life into a web site.

One of the great things about the web is that it is easily updateable. You can build your web site as you go, adding content and adding sections as needed.

Whether you need a simple change or a total website redesign, Akkhor Software Ltd is ready to help you meet your goals!

Customer Speak
Akkhor Software Ltd have worked diligently in redesigning and optimizing our web site. Since the time they have worked for us our business has improved four fold as we are receiving over 80 thousands hits per month and the number is constantly increasing. A lot of thanks to the team of Akkhor Software.

Mme Saliha Lefevre

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