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According to statistics by “Global Reach” 801.4 Million people are connected to the internet. They are exchanging information, services and products for global acknowledgement and competing for world wide services. Having your own name in the internet means you are personally excluded and known to be the name that you are. In this reason you can already participate in the advantages of being connected globally and be prepared for the demands and advances that the web has to offer. Once you are registered and your site has been propagated then you can now upload information onto the internet and no duplication of domain name will happen. Get a domain for your company now. Brand your company's email address with email forwarding. Brand it! A domain name is the first step in establishing a web identity, signifying your ownership of a unique address on the Internet. The question that comes to mind is how do I choose a domain name? To some it is a unique business name, to others it is their personal name or personal hobby. What does this domain name mean to you?

To choose a domain name, use only letters, numbers, or dashes ("-"). Domain names can not begin or end with a dash. Names cannot be more than 63 characters in addition to the extension (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info) 67 total. The extension is 4 characters, 5 for .info.

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